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Grade 8
Comprehensive Science 3 (Advanced)
SC.8.E.5.11  Resources


USIS Probes (Page Keeley)


Spin A Spectrum Wheel

Making Waves With the Electromagnetic Spectrum


Herschel Experiment
Star Spectra (if not done previously)
(Virtual Labs, Project Based Learning, SPARKs Labs, Websites)

ThinkCentral Digital Lesson
Unit 5 Lesson 1 Images From Space

The Happy Scientist
Microwave Chocolate (Science Video)

Light Speed Chocolate (Science Video)

A Color You Can’t See (Science Video)

Hubble’s Top 100 Images
All images from this site were generated by the Hubble Space Telescope using sensors that detect various types of electromagnetic radiation.

Other Resources:
Electromagnetic Spectrum Sort Cards

An Overview of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Note: A guided note-taking guide has been provided to use with this website.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Student Worksheets
Teacher Planning Resources/Websites
(Discovery School, etc)

Textbook (if needed)

TE Unit 5 Lesson 1 pp 316-330 (Images from Space)
SE Unit 5 Lesson 1 pp 240-253 (Images from Space)
Text References (Articles, etc)

Radiation from the Sun (Article)

Sample NAEP Performance Task(s)